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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Seems as soon as I stop planning one event I'm onto another

Irish Networks AGM Sept 7th at Ray O Flahertys pub in San Jose- I'm looking forward to stepping back from that one as I was basically alone doing all it during the year as president - we had a good few events but hard to get other items going when you're king of a molehill.. Not that I blame folks. I was involved for 5 years and everyone has life events that keep them from being involved. Hopefully with a new committee things can get moving again.
Open House for work - Sept 21st - last time we had 25 companies come so hopefully can do as well and not put my back out again :-)
Then theres the social events of friends coming over from Ireland for a weekend away and going away this weekend and of course Sept seems to be birthday month central for everyone (guess what we know what the folks were doing for Xmas and New Years :-)

Of course I love planning, so I cant complain too much so October has nothing planned for now and looking forward to it !

Now where did I put that spreadsheet....


At 5:45 PM, Blogger jazz bird said...

Ah, think again, sisterchick... Oct 14 and the days following you're spoken for :-)


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