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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

feeling like Snuffleupagus

Remember Mr Snuffleupagus?

No one could see him except Big Bird - my Mam used to pretend she couldnt hear us when we screamed at her to come quick and see him on the telly on Sesame Street. She'd walk slowly enough so he'd be off the street and we'd be there saying but he was just there Mam. Nowdays everyone can see him which always shocked me a little. No more pretending not to see him for all those parents wanting a bit magic for their kids.

Thanks Mam for always walking slowly when needed and quickly when we fell off things as we were wont to do..


At 8:11 PM, Blogger jazz bird said...

That was so weird when everyone became able to see him!! That was one of the coolest things ever-- the kids being in on a secret the adults just couldn't figure out. Just like when the adults started saying actual words in the Peanuts (Charlie Brown) cartoons.

At least we got to experience the innocence of youth. (no comment on losing that- haha)


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