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Thursday, October 05, 2006

That makes sense

Yeah ! Yeah ! Tomorrow I go and get a new cpap mask and machine. Test went as well can be expected when they stick a tube up nose and down throat and say go asleep and we'll be watching you..... Its the same as one in the picture. Doesn't it look like an Alien mouth breather from Star Trek?

The medical company also said that the cpap machine I was looking at isn't that good and have another small travel one that's better for me. I did much better than expected on test in that I kept the mirage swift pillow mask on for most of night and my apnea is better with it. So heres to hopefully getting proper sleep.

Been so bad this week that when I ran into some usual work difficulties of getting some paperwork through today, which is a typical Xox thing- (I am shocked in a side note that they sell anything with the hoops and performing monkeys needed to get a lease paperwork through) ..

Well anyway doing a difficult lease and trying to coordinate a few departments when I ran into a brick wall so I burst into tears on phone trying to talk to the rep.

Even as I was doing that 5 yr old kind of cry the one where you try and talk through the sobbing and and and and... You get the idea - back of my mind I was saying - Sinead what are you doing - this isn't something to cry over, this is just a work bump and not a big deal.

My brain is screaming out for sleep - a night of uninterrupted sleep where my brain doesn't go - hey lets wake up 75 times in one hour and not let you sleep

Sleep deprivation is still used for torture I heard. I can understand why. Right now I hope we don't get any telemarketers call.. I may cry them away..


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