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Friday, October 06, 2006

11 hours of Real Sleep :-)

I got my new machine yesterday ! Its so small and tiny compared to the big one I got 4 yrs ago. I like the pulmonary specialists that I went to also yesterday. The respiratory therapist had me in a recliner trying the mask on with machine and letting me go side to side to see what was comfortable. Big change compared to Aprias 15 in a room and I'm sure the mask will fit you no need to try it on ... The therapist said that she's found that my old mask wasn't a good fit for women as often our nose bridge is too high.

I went home and pretty much went to bed at 7pm. I found it a bit difficult to sleep with new mask and also it was 7... so took two Tylenol PM to try and knock me out. Himself came in at 730 and I said goodnight and off I went to sleep. I woke up at 1am just before he came to bed and I was still in same position ! Yeah ! Yeah ! I drifted back to sleep and remember waking twice when I decided to go on my other side and back but all in all it shows I had 11 hours of sleep with the mask before I got up at 730am. Nose is a bit dry but fine. I don't think I'll use the humidifier as I know I'll be a lazy bum and not clean it daily or use distilled water etc and I have enough without getting legionaries disease..

That's a first for me to have 11 hours with the mask and machine. My last record was 3 hrs a few years ago. I must say I do feel much better. My heads a bit groggy from the sleeping pills I'm sure but I don't feel sick tired like I have of late. I'm so bloody excited ! So tonight will try and use no pills.

Sleep - the gift that keeps on giving...


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