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Friday, January 29, 2010


Thursday, January 28, 2010


So baby F2 born as planned Jan 11th and such a wee dote. His blood levels though started to give us pause by end of first day and soon he had pathological jaundice. We were in hospital 10 days first stretch and now back in again after a brief 2 days home and now day 6 so 16 days in hospital for 18 days old. The nurses been great and hardest thing was educating everyone on hereditary spherecytosis. Finally now the doctors are consulting experts in this field and telling us things we don't know. He's getting care he needs but looks like needs a transfusion this weekend as anemic and bilirubin is dropping under lights but his spleen is attacking all those red blood cells quicker than the marrow can replace them.

So say a prayer for us re the transfusion. His daddy got typed but turns out neither of us O so we can't donate. Hoping to be home soon so we can all cuddle up and I miss my 28 month old being in the hospital with the baby last 2 weeks

Under lights tin foil and all

Blue light special

Monday, January 18, 2010

Why I haven't had time to blog. Best reason in the world

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Been a whirlwind so haven't had a chance to blog. I find the microblogging of Facebook and Twitter does chip away at the longer blogs I would normally write. That and no longer being in front of a laptop has it's chipping effect too
Tomorrow all going as planned Please God, having a csection to bring Baby Fairy aka Baby Borg number 2 into the world. So excited and of course at same time scared silly as quite comfy in our routine with our 28 month old so it's back to the drawing board of what to do all over again. Excited to meet the wee one though!
My folks are in town so it's great we get some help with our toddler and he loves playing with them ! They are so great with kids. Endless games of hide and seek and you can't catch me and not a bother on them. Really blessed not only have them as parents but also grandparents :) hubbie also has been amazing. My SPD lot worse now near the end and it's been acting up and he's been so good as nearly every sentence starts with can you do me a favor ?
So bag all packed and ready to go. Cord blood kit in one bag with Tiara. That's all I need tomorrow as can bring rest of stuff up when I go to postnatal.
It's my wedding Tiara. I wore it for having F1 and since you really don't get to wear them that often it's good to mark those larger occasions with it. My Mum had wanted to bring over my wedding dress but I asked her to donate it when she gets home. Sure someone will get a use out of it and I'm not one to hang it up or frame it for memories. Rather it gets to live on like my Tiara