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Sunday, March 17, 2013


Its St Patricks day again here in the States. Every year without fail it annoys me no end that folks write Happy St Pattys day.. AHHHHH! Its St Patricks Day, you can say St Paddy (since Paddy is slang for Patrick), St Pat if you must but never never never St Pattys day

Its Paddy not Patty


Ok.. Think that's hopefully enough on that one, and while I'm on the soapbox. I never had corned beef in my life till I moved to America. We dont eat that in Ireland. Its more an Irish American tradition taken from our Jewish neighbors in Hells Kitchen all those years ago when we couldnt get beef. Also if you are going to have the dish for the love of God can you please put vinegar in the cabbage so that the whole table is not farting through their own version of Oh Danny Boy. Thank you kindly

What do Irish people do on St Paddys day?- well we go to mass, stick some shamrock on our coat, get the kids to a parade (and men in kilts are not Irish, that would be Scots who we love but not our country) and then go and drink in afternoon and evening. Its a day off, we love it and we dont tend to drink green beer and if someone put their finger and drew a shamrock in your Guinness you'd take their head off.

Ok - back to drowning the shamrock as we say


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