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Sunday, August 30, 2009

French cafe

In Florida where his Gram and Grandpa spoiling him. Here's his little
table for dinner with tablecloth. All he is missing is some frenh
music in background

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Seriously a ham

My wee goofball

He wanted to put on glasses and said show Daddy so took a photo to
show Daddy later. A tad too big perhaps?;)


Hubbie put this up today and last night. At last shade for back yard.
With no big trees and quite a few years before the ones we planted
will be a while. So for now we can chill under the canopy and save our
skins ;)


This is all the liquid nitrogen from my worm ranch. Including the
bottle I had filled a few minutes before. Makes great compost tea for
the plants!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Walker Blues

So I'm back on the walker aka zimmer frame and also working from home
with signoff from my doctors. It was actually my own manager who
advised me. He could see the pain i was in just trying to go to
bathroom or a cup of tea on the walker.

Was I surprised that the SPD aka seperated pelvis came back so early
in this pregnancy? , yes but I shouldn't be. When I did the xray for
broken taoilbone the front pelvic shot shows a pelvic gap in pubis
area that you could probably park a car in. Also seems a 2nd pregnancy
if SPD was bad in first comes on quicker. That and with a toddler just
brings it on that much sooner. I was being careful. Keeping legs
together in and out of a car and bed like the queen versus Britney
Spears or Paris Hilton ;) and not doing stairs or crab motions but
didn't help much.

I've a pretty high tolerance for pain, as the PT lady said well you
broke your tailbone and you can't even remember when! But this time it
was so bad , every step was like shards glass into my pubic area on
every step and walker wasn't really helping. I avoided going to
bathroom at work knowing be painful 20 min walk each way. Walking from
parking lot to my cube became a 45 min trek. I discovered small
ironies like that the disabled automatic door switch wasn't timed for
someone who actually needed it! It would always close before I got
there after hitting switch.

So started PT and accupuncture and they both helped but the walking
and also 8 hour sitting at work just making all the good PT and
accupuncture did worthless.

So my boss said get approved to work at home due to medical reasons.
He and my coworker could see I was useless in afternoon. Also with
having to work from home first couple months he knew I could. It's
funny as I don't go into work much here and won't name it but my
product helps folks do things like telecommute better. So it's ironic
that they are not for their own workers telecommuting but in our sales
pitches we talk about the benefit of that all the time to the employer
and the employees.

My physical therapist folks been great. They were recommended to me
after last folks I saw during pregnancy had my therpist leave and
didn't have any experience with pregnant ladies. They went and found a
PT group who had tons of experience! They can't believe I am still
working but for now while I can talk on phone and use laptop at home
I'll be ok.

I won't do what I did last time and work up till very end. You lose
the 4 weeks allowed then beforehand and can't add them on afterwards
which never made sense to me but since California is one of few states
in USA that has any pregnancy leave at all I shouldn't complain. For
one of the most developed nations and richest in world it's pretty
much sad that Americas status, tolerance and policy of pregnancy leave
rated behind Somalia. Yes our policy towards leave for working Mothers
rates below Somalia. Yet I'm lucky to be in CA where they have most if
any at all I believe in the states!

Anyway off soapbox there. So working at home good news is that it has
eased up the pain. The accupuncture also helped as well as PT. It
doesn't feel like such a long road now and I can say 22 weeks to go
without thinking OMG 22 weeks to go! My hubbie been fantatsic and so
has toddler but not fun having Mammy not be able to do all the normal
stuff with you.

He's a good wee boy though and likes sitting on walker seat while I
roll along. We busted a wheel though, the tire tore so went to medical
store yesterday where I got it to see what they could do. They were
shocked. Seems most of the clients for said walkers are in mid 60's
and older and they have never seen a torn tire. It's not like I was
doing walker olymics or mountain climbing with it but there ya go. So
I have to go to manufacturer and see if they can replace. Maybe I'll
get something with some bing and put a bass heavy sound system in ;)

Have a good week folks!

Sunday, August 09, 2009


From side


Minivan and news

Picked up new minivan Thursday. Told wee man we would get van then off to get some ice cream as a treat. All way to dealership, wee lad kept saying where icecream go Mammy. Gotta love that singleminded focus ;)

Friday we went to scan. Didn't see much as we weren't getting amnio done. It's a risk but I think they are over prescribed as matter of course when you're AMA (advanced maternal age!). So had to book again for 22 weeks to do anatomy check.

Saturday munchkin wanted to play instead of music so we ran errands. The DVD player in new an is a huge hit. Elmo and Thomas kept him amused after a haircut (seeing all sets of grandparents in Florida so needed haircut badly as hair of curls looked more scarecrow than cute).

Himself went and saw the international friendly soccer match saturday at candlestick park and I had a wee helper over as still difficulty walking.

The SPD has come back with a vengence and really early. My pelvis is very seperated and also twisted inwards one side according to the doc and PT. So back on walker (Zimmer frame) and also ordered work from home till it allevates. That's ok as wee distances like from my cube at work to bathroom didn't seem so long before but when every step is like walking on glass into your pelvic pubic region dear Good Grief.

Also doing Accupunture and Physical Therapy each once a week. The PT works on exercising area to help manage symptoms. The accupuncture helps with pain. It really helped as felt less pain after it last week but then had to get back to work and around and pain came back after all that hoofing around. Optimistic though that with resting it more during day that will come down significantly. Otherwise gonna be a long 24 weeks to go. :) himself and munchkin have been brilliant. Not easy having a mobile challenged Mum.

So having the extra pair hands yesterday from our 14 daughter of friend was fantatsic. While wee lad down for a nap we seriously
cleared out quarter of garage. Hubbies dream of oneday parking in there no longer a pipedream hah. She was great at running with items around house and yes we have more boxes to unpack but doing much better with fewer boxes in garage of doom.

So today off to see steam trains at Vasona park again after we grab some breakfast and get moving and I get rolling on the walker:)

Monday, August 03, 2009


How much fun is water... They decided they didnt want the overalls. Didnt make a difference to how soaked both wee man and his friend got anyway
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Saturday, August 01, 2009


Soccer Mum

So government came out with a cash for clunkers program. Up to $4500 back for your car as long as new one got more than 4mpg more. My Suv was well on her way out. Nearly 10 yrs old and had done me well. So Wednesday we started talking about looking at minivans at weekend. Decided since hinselfs car is small, one bigger one needed. Plus all Mums I know said minivan do you well for playdates later etc. So we as in hubbie researched a few and we narrowed down. Heated seats a must have and backup camera. Heated seats are a luxury in California but anyone with back or hip issues tell you it's a big difference.

So told my boss and he has a minivan so got some info from him. Thursday night he sends me email and voicemail that the gov program going so well suspending it as already spent the money.
Hun comes home let him know and we decide go to car dealership

We take his car and munchkin and sure enough yes they are doing till midnight only , a salespersons dream of a deadline you can enforce. So we ask to see someone and get Ross nice Persian man.

See a Honda Odessey we like and then realize that we have hubbie new car here instead of my old suv. So he heads home while I text and call our babysitter last sec and ask can she babysit for us. She does bless her and meets himself at home who is tearing up office looking for my title to my truck.

I fill in paperwork and also get price down. I have Internet access with iPhone and get the internet Honda site with prices plus the company data sheets. Very nice sales guy who doesn't realize I'm in sales :).

So himself comes back and our babysiter has wee lad laughing and getting him ready for bed. We fill in endless paperwork. For the program you need to show your clunker can drive in on own, that you own it clear and insured it and registered your name at least a year. Thankfully I had all of that in my glove box. We didn't have title but later found out they can get a copy for $38. Considering how long I would have to wait for that at DMV well worth it.

Then the long wait to finance and wait your turn. Himself goes over to mcdonalds and it's closed but drive through open. Guy says can't do walk ups. Himself explains we are at car dealer, they took our car and wife is pregnant and we haven't eaten in 5/6 hours (now 1030). Says chat to manager who says no problem so yeah! Yes fast food is not good for you but no food is not good at all. ( our orginal plan was go browse cars and do this buying at weekend )

So at midnight we finish all paperwork. I enjoy the sales fencing with their finance guy. I'll do him a Linkedin referral for the work he did plus the extra discounts I got;)

Our new minivan be here Wednesday and they gave us loaner in meantime. Cherry plum colour. We nealry got a blue one just because our sons favorite joke is saying Mammy blue car because he knows it's red. (the grin and laugh he does when you ask him is priceless)

So we got home after 1230. Fell into bed after babysitter went home. Bless her she didn't want to sleep over as no clothes with her for next day.

So next morning dragged ourselves to work. Turns out our cleanup hid the diapers too well and babysitter put swim diapers on wee lad thinking they were pullups as only diaper type things visable.
Wee lad was grand when I gave him bottle in morning but was soaked when himself got him, in fact only thing dry was swim diaper ( which doesn't aborb pee so kid doesn't sink in swimming with a water logged diaper ).

Himself gave him a wee quick bath in morning which made them all feel better.

So next week we become a minivan family and I'm looking forward to it. Mates said welcome to being a soccer Mum and you know that's ok.