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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What else can I eat

So wee lad is now whizzing around - he loves to walk on his own although he has got smarter about holding our hand outside as still not great at when the ground is uneven.

He sat down for dinner in his high chair and promptly had milk in his sippy cup (which he looks at me like I'm silly as he likes water in his sippy cup and milk in a bottle), sweet potato, some chicken, followed by cheese, pear, puffs, cracker, banana and when finished he said cookie -which is a piece of rice cake. I just watched in awe as this wee two and half feet wee lad just shoveled it all in. Obviously using more since he is walking but don't you wish you had that metabolism. I look at a cracker and the calories have been ingested by my eyes

My theory is that there's an alternative universe and that alter twin of mine in that universe is losing a ton of weight and I keep bloody finding it...

Maybe I just need to be 14 months again and running around amazed at the world of opening and closing drawers..

24 flights to go, 24 flights, down one flight and then you have 23...

So Friday working away in cube land at work when

BEEP BEEP BEEP - please leave the building - and take the stairs

So off we went as good wee cubicle folks do down the stairs.

We are on the 12 floor. Theres 2 set of stairs to go down to each floor

By the time we got down the end. I was thinking ouch. My hips don't like that much and what a workout for my calves

Saturday morning - guess who couldn't move. You betcha as a big haired silly VP would like to say. Couldn't move. We were in Murphy for weekend and this is me..... moving...... slowly..... and down the stairs...one.step.at.a.time..

My wee lad was whizzing past me and overjoyed at a new kitchen to play around with - opening drawers, closing drawers, open door, close door. Never gets old for him.

So by time I limped/waddled into work Monday I was still moving at the speed of jello down a slope. So off to the chiropractor I went a after a good woosh and gravity working on the joints with some ice, mucho better.

Guess that skateboarding is out of question for moment though...

big boxes small boxes

So lot of boxes coming into our house. With Hubbies company having an employee sale two weekends ago we went nutty and bought well.. a lot...

So we have everything from posters, tshirts, bumper stickers, coffee mugs, calandars, magnets, buttons, stickers and oh yes bags

my fav thing - well has to be my Vote Yoda 08 bumper sticker

Dont care who you vote for in 2 weeks. Just vote!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Hubbie celebrates a birthday today so wishing him all the best - he was playing with his new Ninetendo DS as soon as it turned midnight after putting the baby to bed, gaving the wee man his dinner and playing with him. Happy Birthday HikingViking - May you receive as many blessings as you have brought into wee mans and my life. We love you
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Saturday, October 04, 2008


Wee man is chatting so much now car, chair, thank you, door, ball, hair, glasses, hat, head, nose and help was new one tonight that trying to teach him instead of uuuhhh groans when he wants some help

Favorite games are still open and shut - doesn't matter if its a door, top of box, or his dessert tonight of bango, ( organic banana and mango mix (very tasty!)) - putting lid on and off while I say on and off or open and closed delights him. He loves to walk now everywhere - still getting his balance but going for 1o steps now and delighted with himself.

Guess college is around the corner.. ;-) Seriously though I was saying to Catherine how its whizzing by and how she was saying its wonderful having wee lad around as reminds her of her two children now 14 and 12. He'll be so big by time my folks come out in January (here's hoping its a new house by then!) and also over Christmas with Jan's folks.

For now will get all my cuddles in while he still loves cuddling and rolling around the floor with his Mam and Dad.

Raining - Yeah!

So never thought I'd say those words growing up, but we get such little rain here over the summer and fall that when you do - its wonderful

This morning smelt of rain, the air fresh, washed clean of the smell of cars, trucks. We went to music singing away all of us and then in the car just in time before the thunderstorm hit. Raindrops came tumbling down and my windshield wipers moaned across the glass squeaky and dry from unuse. Soon the reassuring sound of shuuu, shuuu, shuuu, took over. It was over pretty quickly and a slow drive around the block home and it was done. Children out splashing in puddles.

I chatted with my sister Fig later, it was raining in Belfast. Its raining here I said excited! Is it cold she asked. Well no not really its about 70 degrees.. Their high was 55 so not exactly same. Also she said they were all red faced as they lit the fire and were enjoying being toasty. Here in Campbell you're not allowed wood burning or coal so its fake logs that are made up of compacted paper but they do crackle and burn, better than a real log. Also we have the fake log fire DVD that we will pop in later while we write the thank you cards finally for the wee mans birthday

So rain, rain come and stay, you're welcome for another day :-)