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Friday, June 20, 2014

Help Save Gavin Glynn #GavinGlynn #MyBoy

Please share fellow friends and donate if you can. This to fundraise to send#GavinGlynn my cousins wee 4 year old boy to MD Anderson Hospital in Texas . He has cancer and this is his last chance for treatment. They need to raise €350,000 to send Gavin to Texas for last chance treatment. To donate €4 text “Gavin“ to 50300 in Ireland or visit TeamGavinGlynn.ie outside Ireland to donate. They are also raising awareness by #selfie#myboy #teamgavinglynn
John Glynn my cousin talks about it here in the video.


The HIPEC treatment - http://www.hipectreatment.com/about-the-hipec-procedure/

The HIPEC treatment alone will cost $400,000They also will have to pay $25,000 for initial tests. MD Anderson Cancer Center is the only hospital in the world that has the expertise to perform this HIPEC treatment on children. The treatment involves open surgery to remove all the tumors in Gavin & then insert heated chemotherapy (42 degrees) into his abdominal region. The surgery can take unto 12 hours to complete. 

You can follow along atTeam Gavin Glynn http://www.teamgavinglynn.ie/ They are going there end of June. Here is #GavinGlynn #Myboy and his wonderful Mum Jayne Glynn



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