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Saturday, June 30, 2007

sugar sweet

Well turns out I am sugar sweet. Too sugar sweet unfortunately

I Failed the 3 hour glucose tolerance test so I have Gestational Diabetes. Good news is that it normally goes away after pregnancy and also my fasting sugars were good and the 3 hr test was normal. The hour one and two hour were just over the limit so off to another doc to go on a diabetes diet and get set up so I can prick myself 7 times a day for blood sugars. The symptoms for GD are tired, thirsty, peeing a lot, hunger and headaches. So exactly the same as pregnancy! Bit bummed I have it but better to know it now so I can take care of me and Hobbit for remaining 7 weeks. Although my PT lady thinks I'll go early - lets see ;-)
Hobbit is grand though and we did a scan today. Big tummy and huge compared to last scan. Its an estimate but weighing about 4 pounds 10 oz now - have to careful Hobbit doesn't put on too much weight. You're also more at risk when older for Diabetes 2 so that means really getting my arse in gear and losing weight etc post Hobbit.
So now I am an AMA - advanced maternal age, with SPD - Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction with GD - Gestational Diabetes. Enough initals already !

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Did I do that?

So because it's so me and so amusing had to post. Guess who ran over her own toe with a certain walker and thought she broke it. ...

Thankfully its just all black and blue but can you imagine the conversation in ER. How did you do that miss...Well I ran over myself.. Classic Sinead moment there. In fairness was sugar test day and I was feeling shite but still classic..

Also had my Dad going for a bit. Told him I got new wheels, red, metallic, open top convertible one seater.. Nearly broke him when I told him was a walker aka Zimmer.

My Dad lives for us getting new cars. He asks about cars to ask us how we are. Hows the truck means how are you? And himselfs favorite moment when my Dad was visiting Florida is my Dad greatly (read way over) impressed by Jan's folks minivan. Lovely bus, lovely bus he kept saying while he walked around it, played with lights in back. I remember Fiona getting her first car, a banger of course that was barely held together but it was the first car any of us children had got and a HUGE deal. My Dad came out of the house walked around the car and kicked the tires first thing. Great set of wheels he said and of course sniffed. Great set of wheels.

Looking forward to him seeing the hybrid when they come out September... He'll be wanting to drive it everywhere. Which is good as I think my Mum will live in Walmart and Payless when shes here.

Another rambling moment brought to you by Sinead - the ever expanding woman...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Stab, Pee, Repeat

So did the 3 hour glucose test yesterday. I was there at 730am and ready to drink my glucose drink and sit in the lab office for 3 hours. I downed the drink so quickly they were thinking I dumped in the plant. Nope that's just me, Mrs Cooperative and want to try my best. Of course I didn't realize drinking so fast would leave me feeling so queasy for the 3 hours but there ya go.

What I also didn't realise was that they had to do 5 blood samples along the 3 hours and 5 urine tests. So after first blood test, they told me to pee and I did and then let me know I needed to pee again half hour later and would stab me again in half hour... I should have saved my pee ! I thought one blood test and pee test and then another set 3 hours later. Nope... 5 of each folks.

Now I have tiny tiny veins. Well figures something that's so hidden has to be tiny on me. I regularly apologize to nurses and lab folks for my tiny veins. As my skin is so ahem white (read she's lived in Cali for 7 years and still milk bottle), my veins LOOK like they'd be easy to get. You can see them so clearly blue on my arms. But nope when they go look for them with their needle, they disappear faster than Britney Spears into crazy land.

Saying that they were very nice folks at Lab and let me sit in the lazy boy chair while they stabbed me. They even used a butterfly needle as I explained it was easier. (After trying regular one they agreed). I also drank 7 glasses of water while there to help the auld bladder along. My left and right arms today are covered in large multi-colored bruises. Thankfully with my veins and bruising I'm not a good candidate for ever doing intravenous drugs...

The Hobbit normally jumps around after a glass of say orange juice. Yesterday the Hobbit was doing the congo in morning after all that pure glucose and was quiet later - I think baby Borg tired themselves out and crashed after that sugar rush.

So results hopefully be in Friday at docs. Wish me luck folks. Don't really want gestational diabetes, who does but also I heard there's a 6 hour glucose test that some folks get sent for. Now that's even more Stab, Pee, Repeat than I need..

Monday, June 25, 2007

Campbell - watching paint dry

So three men turned up Friday and painted the sidewalk to get rid of the graffiti. Sisterchick had just picked me up for lunch and was joking that took one to paint and another two to watch dry. Gotta love Campbell. Less then 4 days later from my email they were out fixing it. No slackers in this town. Just me...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

seriously - this is the info I get in emails re pregnancy

Another classic email re what to avoid at week 31. Thank God they told me via email about what not to take up at week 31... And I had just signed up for that scuba diving/amusement park/boxing hockey match....

Seriously, as if I could do any of these pre-preggers, never mind now that I'm a walking free willy the whale advert...

Question: What activities should I avoid during pregnancy at week 31?
Amusement park rides:
Waterslides and other rides at amusement parks are a no-no, since a forceful landing or sudden start or stop could harm your baby.
Contact sports: Soccer, basketball, and hockey put you at a high risk of injury from a ball or puck, a collision with another player, or a fall during play.
Downhill skiing: ACOG advises against downhill skiing anytime during pregnancy because of the risk of serious injuries and hard falls.
Gymnastics: Same risk of falling and increased chance of trauma to your abdomen.
Horseback riding: Even if you're a good rider, it's not worth risking a fall.
Scuba diving: This is an absolute no. As you surface, air bubbles can form in your bloodstream, which can be very dangerous for both you and your growing baby.
Snowboarding: Same risk of falling and increased chance of trauma to your abdomen.
Surfing: Same risk of falling and increased chance of trauma to your abdomen.
Waterskiing: Another activity that puts you at risk for falling and increases the chance of trauma to your abdomen.

summertime and living is easy....

So this week Sister Chick my twin was in town and so so happy to see her. We grabbed lunch Thursday and Friday (and I picked up another Diaper Champ from a free-cycler Score!). At Flames on Thursday I gave in and had a Strawberry Napoleon. Figured if I have to give up all things sweet after doing glucose test next Monday then get the sugar shock in now. I don't even have so much of a sweet tooth but sure its Flames Strawberry Napoleon. Its temptation in every bite. That and its as big as your head... Friday we hit Max's and had a good laugh. Really missed her and was great to just sit and chinwag. As himself said to Shelia when she left - you do realize now I have to talk to my wife...
Then it was off to PT and back to work. Nice to eat lunch outside during week. Working at home means you tend to eat and work at same time and its a tray by the bed where I grab a bite while emailing or calling customers..
Saturday we grabbed lunch at Hobbees with Patricia, Adrian and their wee one who is 2 Lara. They were so sweet giving us a baby shower gift early as Patricia will be in Argentina for the shower. I still get overwhelmed with baby shower and the whole concept of them. Its just not done in Ireland but so appreciated. Both himself and Patricia are from Argentina. Myself and herself worked together for a couple of years and Patricia is super sweet and has no sarcasm gene whatsoever. Which is even funnier when paired with me and her hubby Adrian who is super sarcastic. Yesterday Lara was running around and he commented that you develop eyes in the back of your head when you're a parent. Patricia looked shocked. "Who has eyes in back of their head? that's not OK..." Explained that one a bit easier than the time Patricia said she liked my poncho and I said yep now I just look like a walking wigwam and had to try and explain that for an hour...
Then off to an Irish mate's house for a wee BBQ and swim at their house. Which was wonderful and with both their cars parked in driveway we had to go over the grass to get to the back. Which was grand but I was laughing thinking maybe I should have taken the sales man up on the walker with the cross country wheels.. Had a great time and met a lot of lovely folks.
Nice to just chill today and only plans is going to the Y for a swim and I'm going to tackle going through all those toys in the big bins in patio. There's so many you'd think I was opening a daycare. Have yourself a lovely week folks. Don't forget the sunscreen and a big glass of wine ;-)

who's that speeding past, a bullet? a train? no its slow preggers girl...

It's here! Wednesday I went to medical store after himself picked up the prescription from doc and went and got me a walker.. Cowboy music lilts in..
They had a walker showroom folks. Where you can test them out. I was looking for one that was light, figuring picked up and putting in my car would be a test of buggies and strollers to come. Also having a seat would be nice and easy to fold up. After going back and forth between two contenders the Cruiser De-Light folding walker from Nova made the grade. It has 4 wheels and brakes, a big arse seat which was of course essential... And the funniest bit to me, it has reflectors on the brakes so cars can see me at night. Yep for all that at night walking on the road.... The salesman was trying to get me to get one with the HUGE wheels, he said it was good for going over gravel. I said what do you think I'll be doing, cross country?
So I sadly have to admit this but its making walking and getting up a lot easier. Its taking strain of my pelvis and it doesn't hurt so much to walk. Also I am much quicker and I can now get to the kerb in 3 minutes versus 10.. My arms are sore from taking more weight but who knows, I may even end up with biceps out of this! We still have to work out some paths at home so I can get by but all in all very happy with it and my relatives can use it hopefully when I finish with it post Hobbit coming into the world. Which is 8 weeks ... wow.. I feel like we should get one of those big clocks like the series 24 for the countdown...
The other advantage is that at the PT place the adult swimming pool of course always has a swimmer in my nice slow lane nearest the stairs. I ask to share and sometimes get snotty looks. When I rolled in with my walker Friday to the pool and asked to share, the man in the lane said of course yes.. I mean who says no to a person using a walker! I then did 12 laps of walking up and down and felt wonderful. The man was swimming hard the other side of the lane doing 4-5 laps for my one and when I got to end I told him, well at least I make you feel even faster than you are...
Is it a bird, is it a plane, nope it's a metallic red Cruiser De-light folks and if you're very good and very nice I might let you sit on my shiny seat..

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

beep beep wide load reversing...

So PT lady recommended I get a walker to help me get around. The SPD been kicking my arse or fanny pack and its harder to walk in morning than evening but still getting silly how hard it is getting to just walk.

Normally they recommend crutches but usually after delivery of baby. Before delivery they recommend walker as you're off balance anyway with the large bump and after taking my medical history (a brief one) PT said that considering what a klutz I am, a walker would be much better..

In a side note my friend Kerensa had asked how many times I was in an emergency room for my upcoming shower Q&A... I won't reveal it here but lets say that its not a shock that I've been to the emergency room several times over the years and laugh when Doctors ask - have you ever been in hospital. My reply is always - inpatient / outpatient / surgery/ emergency or all above? I asked himself if he was ever in ER (or Casualty as we called it at home) and he was once there for his thumb. He asked if dental work also counted. That would be a no.. Seriously..

So I asked doc if I could get a walker with a beep beep sound so folks know I'm reversing. Also now imagining one with a seat for those feck it too tired lets sit down moments. I can see it now - a wide load sign on walker and beep beep as I turn around. My PT lady got that, my gynie didn't. Sarcasm and my sense of humor is missing somewhat with my gynie but that's OK as shes great otherwise.

Wonder if I can sell more machines this way, maybe need some violin music playing as I waddle into customers with my walker.. Please Sir buy a machine today and help your poor account rep...

So watch out Campbell here I come, slowly, but here I come..

Impressive town of Campbell Police Department

So myself and himself noticed some tagging on pavement/sidewalk outside our house Monday when we came back from a swim at the Y. (Tagging is other word for graffiti)

We already had some marks on the outside of chimney that we thought was showing that we have wireless but this just looked like graffiti on sidewalk. So I emailed Campbell Police department about it. Also noting that there was increase in cars zooming and racing up road late at night. (I can see myself now arms crossed complaining about those youngsters.. truth is though that its such a quiet street, that when you suddenly get motorbikes and cars racing at 1030pm at night outside and beeping horns nonstop ya kinda notice...)

Also with Hobbit coming, can you imagine how pissed I'll be if that wakes up a baby that just got to sleep...

Anyway.. So 9pm Monday night I sent off email. Tuesday morning at 10am knock on my door. Its a detective from Campbell Police Department! And the nice gentleman said they would get public works to clean up the pavement this week and also gave me phone number non-emergency to call if cars start racing again so they can come around. I was so so impressed.

As I sat down to write the blog - got a call and this time from Campbell dispatch at Police Department and their community outreach - I explained that Detective had been around and they were also calling to check in and follow up. What service !

Another good reason to love Campbell...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

drinking pure sugar...

So probably wonder why I am posting so much. I woke up at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep so decided to blog as hadn't in a week.
While at Doc's office asked about my glucose test. Lab couldn't find it. So they thought the lab lost it which bummed as would have to do it again. It was an hour where you went in, they tested your blood, then gave you a soda bottle of pure sugar to drink and then tested again hour later. Well Doc called me yesterday and turns out they found the test so that was good news. Bad news was it was high so I have to go do the 3 hour one. Which sucks as its a disgusting drink and seems the one you have to drink is HUGE and then sit in Docs office for 3 hours before taking your blood test again...
They do this test to see if you have Gestational Diabetes. Its diabetes that normally only occurs during pregnancy. Thankfully all my pee tests been negative at docs office so hopefully I might pass the 3 hour one and not have Gestational Diabetes. Gestational Diabetes is common in about 4-8% of all pregnancies. Its means baby can be bigger than they should be and have difficulty coming out birth canal. Since I'm getting c-section that's OK in case baby is bigger. Also its not great health wise for your insulin and babies insulin levels so wish me luck folks that I pass the 3 hour test and come in normal (which happens a lot it seems).
C-section is a definite now by the way as I cant open my legs more than a couple of inches with the SPD so Doc was saying yep - no way are you having a baby through your v-jay-jay :-)
Righto, off for a cup of tea and some breakfast. Have a good week folks and will let you know the latest updates of my adventures with soda later this week...

Things that make you go yeah !

So excellent yeah things this week

1. My sister Gra just got promoted to Sergeant in Ireland with the Garda. (that's the Irish national police force). She was third in over 230 in country so bloody excellent. She's a detective now before promotion and doesn't know where she'll be posted but shes back in uniform (which I would love as wouldn't have to think about getting ready and what to wear). I always thought that detectives rank higher than Sergeant but then again before my sister went into the force my benchmark was Cagney and Lacy shows with my Mum. (My Mum who can guess the ending of every movie folks when watching it but whom we surprise on a regular basis like birthdays no problem!)

2. Himself's wonderful Mum being given all clear from MRI. Shes going for an epidural next week for her back pain so keep her in your thoughts folks but shes all clear on MRI for cancer which is great as I know that was worrying her.

3. My Chiro's hubbie been given all clear for cancer. He had a pretty aggressive cancer of spine which is normally benign but problem is pretty aggressive and reoccurring. Hes just finished last treatment and checkup and given all clear. Which is fantastic. (A couple of weeks ago also got word my work mate Karen's boyfriend also finished his chemo and his Hodgkin's has gone into remission which is excellent and they got engaged so doubly brilliant)

4. We joined the Y! Yep - joined the local YMCA and were there yesterday for a swim. (I walked and then got chatting to an older Chinese lady who was trying to swim unsuccessfully with a kick board and helped her swim more easily with a float) proving that I will talk to anyone anywhere. She kept saying I was a great swim teacher which is funny as I suck at swimming. However she feared water more than anything and just by standing by and giving her some encouragement was biggest help. She went from not moving at all to do a lap and a half and also taught her how to float which is the best bit about water in my opinion. A side note - I was in the school swim team but thats because nobody else would do it so there was 3 excellent swimmers and me. They were so strong all I had to do was do back swim and not drown for us to win...

The Y is a fantastic place. The swimming, yoga, Pilate's is all included and best yet they have childcare there on site for $30 for the year for babies 6 weeks onwards so you can go, drop baby off and swim for 90 mins while they mind your wee one. (And since Ciara has a Y near here we can do together when her wee baby comes as well)

5. My friend Bekah is in town. We met before she came here first for a visit in 2004 for Burning Man. Long story of that section of the Sinead history but in short - great sisterchick, out here for her 30th, getting more and more independent and wonderful daily and brilliant to see her!
She and himself and myself wandered around Scottish Games here in Campbell. Lots of wee stalls to shop from and it was a brilliant day. I was walking much better than previous days (showing my fannypack that chiro, PT and swimming does work !) so that was grand. Its brilliant seeing a friend grow in their confidence of themselves. We sat Friday night on our patio and chilled with some shandy's and the fairy lights on. Always good to share nice weather and moments with friends who are like family.

6. Seeing my Mum and Dad via web cam on Skype. So my folks were over visiting my brother Colin and my sister in law Caroline and their wee baby girl Megan and they called us using his laptop and Skype Internet phone. My folks havent seen me since January so I was only 6 weeks pregnant then. So they saw me and himself on webcam and I stood up and did a whirl showing my belly (which I think is even bigger this week than last!). Great to see them as well although my Mum hasn't got hang of the web cam being on top of the laptop and she was only visable from eye glasses up till Caroline propped some pillows underneath her or fixed chair or something!

They get broadband soon so we get to see them via Skype hopefully by August. My sister Fig has Skype as well so we're all enjoying the free phone calls. www.skype.com We signed up for local plan so now $29.99 a year and all calls in US and Canada for that and international is online $0.02 a minute which is wonderfully cheap compared to AT&T etc. Jan's folks have Skype as well so we have to use that more with them so they get used to it.

sentences rarely heard from men

We were at Dr Khoo's office Friday morning. See the Gynie every 2 weeks now. She measures my belly and I get weighed and also pee test to see if there's sugar or protein in my pee. Nope for now so that's good.

Took 10 mins to get on table (kinda ironic that worse uncomfortable place for me is their table...)

Himself's phone rings.. Conversation goes like this. "Wow sorry completely forgot. I'm here at the gynecologist office. Lets reschedule." So no I'm with my wife at doctors office. Hes at the office. It was the chiro office - he missed his appointment as forgot to reschedule. They were still giggling about it when I saw the chiro doc later in afternoon. My most modern hubbie.

PT, Chiro and swimming oh my...

So last week my fanny pack was really acting up. My Elvis Pelvis as one friend put it (thanks Kerensa!).

Fanny pack is not a rude word here in the states. It is in Ireland. In the states it means your bum or as we say in Ireland your arse. Not in Ireland. Ireland well it means the front of the lady - as they say in Greys Anatomy - your V-jay-jay (which is how I refer to it in gynies office as my Doc seems to think that's funny...) So I call it my fanny pack here in States which is not taken as rude when I really mean the Irish meaning... Yep truth is out folks, I mean my SPD. But considering that SPD sounds like a sexually transmitted disease instead of full name of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) easier to say fanny pack problems. Even saying Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) sounds wrong some how. Nobody wants to hear that coming from you. So I just say my fanny pack is acting up. The above is not an xray of me... Dont worry not getting microwaved during pregnancy..

And acting up it was. It took me 10 minutes to get from my front door to my car at the kerb right outside my house. And we don't have a driveway folks. Its pretty much come out front door and theres the smallest path in world and there's the kerb. Its not like we're in Tara from gone with the wind. Think more Coronation Street (for those across pond their soap reference)or Melrose place (for our this side of pond and you're old enough to remember 80's music and TV) where they come out front door and trip over their car. Got that mental image, grand that's the one we're going for.

So I saw the PT lady twice this week, Chiro once (was supposed to see them twice but literally couldn't drive to get to them). Helped lots and thought to myself what else helps...

So things that really help my SPD/Elvis Pelvis

1)Ice packs. Fanny ice packs that are long and narrow for sitting on or putting between legs in bed really help lots. Things that my hubbie gets awards for is pulling same icepack or a pillow up between my legs to correctly position as cant open legs when lying down. So that conversation goes like this, sweetie/hun/J can you do me a favor? (all sentences nearly start like that now... push it up, no pull it with both hands, yes, don't open my legs, right yep get it in there , yep like that, can you pull from behind - that's great. And all in reference to a pillow or icepack...

2) walking in swimming pool in 3 feet of water or more. This is heavenly. In the water I can actually walk. I can do all my exercises I know really help with the SPD. When I got bad with the SPD month 4 of pregnancy, it got a lot better for 5th and 6th month doing these exercises but problem is you cant do them if you cant walk or open legs, or turn in bed at all. So walking in water is fantastic and thankfully at my PT place I get to use the pool afterwards and walk in water and feel great. Coming out of the water sucks. As I walk up steps (sideways and one step at a time as cant alternate stepping up) all the weight comes back and I feel like an astronaut returning to earth my limbs heavy with the returning gravity.. However I move much easier than before getting into pool so I try and see it as a will see you again Mr pool moment and glad I got in.

3) Resting and not walking or driving. You have to be careful of not sitting immobile too long as that just freezes everything up but resting with fanny ice pack really helps and letting the aggravated area calm down a bit does wonders. For this alone very thankful to Dev and Whitney my co-workers who have become my legs to go see customers and do all day open house type events which would kick my arse and fanny pack literally.

Lots of folks asked am I still working (including all my doctors who want me not too but thankfully I can work from home and not drive except maybe one day where I try and see 3 customers to make it worthwhile). Still selling my accounts so my boss is pretty much grand as long as still selling :-)

I thought I could work up till d-day or is that c-day since not due date but c-section date? However now I know I cant do that. Since a) probably be in wee panic mode of shite those things have to come out of baby crib for baby to be there and we need to do more that two rooms ready (front room and office are now grand however neither is really involved with baby lol). b) if I am moving like this week I need couple of weeks off so I can do some of the getting ready since I move like I am in a much slower dimension or like I'm 90 yrs old. C) may go early and then planned date of c-section of August 17th doesn't mean diddly...

4) seeing my PT lady and my chiro lady for their help. Sometimes hate going as means have to walk but it really really helps so much better about going now. Also the PT people are very near and they have the pool so helping a bit more now. My chiro is wonderful about that, she doesn't get insulted that something else is working well at moment. That's a real doctor, one whose focus is me getting better and not them feeling better about their practice.

In a side bar she also hooked me up with a new friend from the office - a fellow patient S who is trying to get preggers and as Dr Deb put it - you guys have to meet you will love each other. She was very right and we had lunch last week and my sister Gra was teasing me saying only in America would your chiro match u up with new sister chicks. Yep that's true and glad of it. I've been missing missing my sister chick Sheila since she went East. So happy for her as I know that's where shes supposed to be but wish she was here also and would like that instant transport device folks to see her sooner and easier! She's coming to bay area soon for a visit so that's awesome.

5) himself being supportive. He's doing all the stuff that I did without having to be pinged around the house so that I don't have to try and do. It was 90-100 degrees here nearly all week which I'm sure was not helping with fanny pack and he was a trooper in helping me around house and helping me (including driving us to movies Friday night from around our house to the front door of movie theatre.) The movie theatre is maybe a block and half away. I mean a short short block, like going across streets - not down a long street. But couldn't walk it so he drove us. We saw knocked up , it was a funny wee brain candy movie. Its not the classic of 40 yr old virgin but has some excellent moments including Ryan Seacrest making fun of himself and also sex during pregnancy scene that had myself and himself laughing out loud.

6) being OK with not being as mobile or active as I'm used to. It's been a big change for me - taking a breath and saying OK, feck it I cant do that and no used getting annoyed so that I realize its hopefully going to be lot lot better after Hobbit comes and no body has taken the light bulb from the tunnel. My PT, Chiro both agree its just acting up as getting more and more preggers and Hobbit has dropped down more (with their foot I swear just on my bladder nerve, not making me want to go bathroom but that nerve that feels like a UTI coming on...) and Hobbit is a lot bigger now at 30 weeks. (probably around 3 lbs and 17 inches long...) So I do my exercises in water and I go to my appointments and could have it a lot worse.

So PT, Chiro and Swimming oh my.... That's my yellow brick road for now folks. Till I get to the c-section castle in 9 weeks. That's the oh my..

Monday, June 11, 2007

My new video game napping...

So himself was very good to me on my birthday last week. Got me a Nintendo Wii - so we get to move and exercise during video gaming. I'm just waiting for some feckin ejit to sue Nintendo over an injury playing this game. Hello people - its a sport - warm up before you play for 4 hours tennis and maybe then you'll not get that stretched elbow! Or how about taking a break! Anyways enough soap box. Its a lot of fun. He's playing Zelda and i played the wee games that come with it. I don't have the dexterity needed at moment to play a lot of the games (ie sitting on couch with legs up and moving arms is as far as I can do being 29 weeks preggers but lots of fun). Theres a rabid rabbit game with lots of micro games. I'll be honest here the rabbits frighten the shite out of me. I know they are supposed to be a cartoon but I cant watch them anywhere near bedtime..! Some fun wee games in that pack though.

Also waiting for me was a flower delivery on doorstep from himself. Beautiful bunch of lilies that are still opening and a card saying to the love of his life. A million brownie hubbie points for that one!! Then he picked up strawberry Napoleon my fav dessert from Flames and ordered in my chicken parmigiana sandwich that's up there on my craving list since being preggers. All this and I got a feet rub as well and we went to Elements Friday and had a wonderful meal.
Love him more and more and not for just a wonderful birthday but because all of above and he gets me. This weekend I was napping queen Saturday and Sunday and he wakes me gently with a cup of tea. Does this man know me or what! Napping has become my new video game and its not to be taken lightly folks. You need to position those pillows just right, have eaten a snack so the heartburn doesn't wake you too early, have the room temp just nice and then read till eyes are drowsy and then zzzzzzzz. Like Goldilocks, just right...

wanted closets that hold everything like a Tardis...

So as we plow on getting nearer to the D-day (being c-section day looks like - due date is Aug 23rd but looks like we're in a week earlier -(in an aside, how strange is that, we get to pick Hobbit's birthday!) We have more organizing and clearing up to do and looking for places to store the many items we already have

From Freecycle (www.freecycle.org) sorry to keep pushing this but its fantastic concept and saved us a ton
baby crib, car seats, infant seat, infant seat snap and go stroller, high chair, baby backpack, baby swing, sewing machine, boppy, car seat, diaper pail, baby gym, clothes (girl and boy)
From Friends who are fantastic in loaning us this stuff (Sarah, Fiona, Rebekah!)
crib (freecycled other crib to a freecycler), baby swing, bouncer, baby bath, co-sleeper, enough fisher price toys to open a day care, playpen/travelling bassinet, in bed travel crib

So its fantastic that we are getting all this stuff. Now comes the where does it go challenge. That's why I think getting closets that have a TARDIS from Dr Who would work nicely. Right now you cant open any closets in our house for fear of being attacked..

A TARDIS closet would be a portal to multi-dimensional universes so I can store all the items Hobbit and I are collecting. Seems a reasonable use to me ;-)

Thursday, June 07, 2007

cyborg name

Synthetic Intelligent Nullification and Efficient Assassination Device

Get Your Cyborg Name

thanks to Maricar for this cool geek create your own avatar

the Kidds :-)

Heres photo of my sister Fiona and hubbie Paul's wee ones. Ok not so wee and myself and himself have said we need to get back soon before they all tower over us

From left to right - Ryan, Sarah, Rachel and Emma.

My sister had told Rachel her poster she made me was on internet so they are going to check it later with Mammy. And so a good idea to put up the photo so they all see themselves :-)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My special person

My wonderful neice Rachel had to do a project in school and write about her special person. She picked me ! So she made this in school and her handwriting is 10 times ok 1000 times better than her Auntie Sinead's. It was so brilliant to get this in the mail from her. Big thanks to Rachel and to her Mammy for mailing it. I LOVE IT !
I can only imagine her teachers face when she showed her the photo she wanted to use for the poster. Her Auntie Sinead on her hen night in Ireland. Her teacher must be still worrying....

re the card

So today June 5th marks my bday :-) and my hubbie gave me this card and the new Wii Nintendo (which is bloody brilliant and my arms still hurt from playing tennis on it !)
The cards a classic. This is the reality of life while pregnant. All I'll say ladies and gentlemen is that a couple of nights ago I actually woke himself up with a pffarrrrttt sound in middle of night so loud and smelling so badly I thought he'd need the CPAP mask just to breathe..

Birthday card that says it all