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Friday, November 13, 2009

We'll miss you Uncle Raymond

My Granny, God rest her was one for the last word and bigger and better. When my aunt Sharron commented on how good of a drying day it was out and the boys jeans had dried so quick outside in 2 hours , Grannys comment was that sure she had hand wrung Raymonds jeans and that they were bone dry half an hour later. My Uncle Raymonds faster than a heartbeat retort was sure that was nothing and hadn't he hung out jeans and they came back ironed.. You'll be missed Uncle Raymond. You made us all smile and you were so good texting your family with the daftest comments and jokes making us all laugh out loud.

Friday, November 06, 2009


Feeling like i should get a medical degree or at least special pregnancy badges like a girls scout at this point. Seriously. Like a vest with badges for AMA, SPD and GD

Now there's a new one. Its too long to fit on a badge though and Bit more troubling as means two stress tests a week and weekly scans and worrying about baby. Rest I can deal with as baby is fine and just me dealing with seperated pelvis etc. This one effects the baby though and it's for that part that sucks. 

Looks like I'll also have to take off work earlier than planned as in starting next week take off. Guess I'll have time to do all those baby setups

The cause of all of this. Well we did a scan today and baby was great but the doctors said my amniotic fluid is too low

i have oligohydramnios aka low amnio fluid. Baby is fine though Thank God and good size so keeping eye on me with stress tests twice a week and scans.

What it means is baby Fae might be here sooner than we want. Anyone want to come stay with us over Christmas in case we need to do an earlier hospital run than planned? 

Monday, November 02, 2009

Proud costume maker


The Halloween Cake


This has to be the best Halloween I can remember. Friday night didn't start off as great. Wee man finally went down for nap but later than usual at daycare so couldn't pick him up and take him to Hubbies job but we had a good chill night

Saturday we decided skip music with so much on. Me and munchkin dropped himself off at rental car place to get cargo van. Why - well picking up stuff I lent one Mum who also was giving us ton of great baby stuff and also picking up more stuff from another friend the next day

Then myself and wee man went and dropped off birthday pressie to a friend. I dropped off rather than stay as to be honest scared of being around so many folks without H1N1 vaccine. There was 63 people there including kids there or as my friend put it - mini petri dishes;). Being third trimester and also no spleen well , makes me wary at moment

Would I like the vaccine. Hell yes but none to be found here yet. Hopefully this week !

So anyway after a gushy drop off my hormones flaunting with feeling like bad Mum that my kid was missing a party we headed home

This year in new house we have new neighbors and they have a Halloween Parade and pot luck! How cool is that!

Wee man dressed as pumpkin we went for walk around block or Daddy did and then back to the party.

I made pigs in a blanket. Otherwise known as turkey dogs sliced halfways in cresent rolls. They were a huge hit! We saved the Cake hubby made for the dinner tonight with friends.

Then nighttime and himself took wee lad trick and treating and I did door duty. Wee lad didn't want to come home but sure he was tripping over himself tired at this point. So he came home and tasted his way through some of his candy. He's major impressed with this holiday for sure!

Lovely night then by fire in front room just relaxing and cuddling whole family. Hubby had decorated, carved pumpkins, made a costume from scratch for wee lad and baked and iced a cake. I joke I married Martha Stewart but I know I just got lucky in a guy willing to do anything to put a smile on his sons face
Hope you had a lovely Halloween and now for a restful week