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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

gotta love eBay

So got my medusa skull cap in mail. (Not this one but ya get the idea) Gotta love eBay ! Pics come later but this may bloody be a great costume ! Figure look like this in the morning so not a huge leap for costume and dig out some of my burning man costumes as well for the clothes..

I pick up a humidifer for cpap machine Thursday (also got a manual off ebay so I can do my own settings and got himself some cool AJAX stuff too. Turns out that a humidifer is a good thing and may stop the head pounding headaches and dry stuffed nose thats happening. So guess I will have to be good re changing the water so I dont get legionaries... Theres always a flip side isnt there ;-)

If anyone is also near Saratoga in sunny California - very very worth while checking out
Where we had dinner Sunday night for himselfs birthday. I thought he was going to faint eating the warm chocolate cake and I was happily noshing the lamb and then the rosemary creme boule - amazing amazing food. The chef is listed as one of five top chefs under 35 in Bay Area and its not hard to see why. He was on the cover of Wave magazine in April.
The Wave: Top Five Chefs Under 35 [April 19, 2006]
They're young, they're talented, they're successful, and they eat really, really well.


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